Project to promote and enhancement of the Archaeological Sites in Alatri

In 2004 during the renovation of the urban Square of Santa Maria Maggiore in Altari, were discovered the remains of a building that was immediately identified with a domus. The project of site recovery and enhancement has created dedicated visit spaces to see and deepen the various restoration projects carried out in the municipality of Alatri.

The city of Alatri, with its massive Acropolis and its famous Domus, was in Roman times an important residential center. Alatri's acropolis, as we see it today, is the result of a complex stratification of monuments and impressive works that over time have changed its appearance. Through our interactive systems and 3D reconstructions, realized with the scientific support of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Latium, it is possible to revive the ancient splendor of Alatri and see, with three-dimensional films, as the City was once.

With multimedia systems, visitors can also see and navigate virtually in the old domus of Betilieno to know and admire the decorations and beautiful mosaics of the home.

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