TOUCHWINDOW - videowall large format display,  Video Wall

Video WallCountless combinations to bring a spectacular communication.

Customizable solution with ultra narrow modular display

Video Walls offer a spectacular and scenic communication. You can choose from different dispaly sizes and match them in endless variations and combinations to create your own personal configuration. Create huge display walls, incredible video matrix up to 10x10 display with almost invisible edges. The final result is a smooth, large image, extremely sharp and vibrant.

TOUCHWINDOW - videowall large format display,  Video Wall

High Resolution, spectacular images and great visual impact

The size of the Video Wall and systems used, support the display of a large amount of data for a stunning visual quality and an exceptional visual impact.
The large surface allows video viewing high definition content, the latest technology used to ensure reliability and professional results.

Infinite applications to fit in any type of environment

Video Walls are designed for museums, stores, malls, trade shows and events, hotels, control rooms. The available combinations range from simpler configurations composed by 3 or 4 displays for reception or public places. Larger walls are recommended for events of great impact. We will guide you in finding the best solution for each type of environment. Our Full Pixel Wall Controller system systems will easily and quickly manage the Video Wall. The modular design allows fast installation, calibration and maintenance of the equipment.

TOUCHWINDOW - videowall large format display,  Video Wall

Automatic brightness control and energy saving

Touchwindow Video Walls are equipped with sensors for automatic brightness and heat control. Those controllers analyze and adjust the parameters in real time to improve the display life and save energy.

Wall controller

The Wall controller is the essential element that allows you to manage, through the configuration with different tabs, Video Wall and Touch Wall both of small and large sizes.

Due to its ability to handle many pixel matrices and the presence of multiple inputs and outputs, this scalable controller is the key element to create presentation systems for control rooms, museums and exhibitions, in-retail stores, TV studios, commercial centers and in public environments as digital signage devices.

Standard Control Unit - Full Pixel Wall Controller with i5- i7 processors, Nvidia Graphics Cards - Matrox - Ati (multiple outputs).

Enteprise Display Wall Controller - Full Pixel Wall Controller with i7 processor up to 16 in/16 out ports, FullHD with scenarios Configuration Manager and sync content via i- Pad, Matrox MPX Graphics Cards in / out.

TOUCHWINDOW - videowall large format display,  Video Wall

Maximum performance using the smallest space possible

Every inch has been designed, manufactured and assembled to give you the highest performance possible. The ultra slim rear brackets allow you to reduce the overall space in depth for a professional installation and a high visual impact experience. The robust, modular system enables rapid service access to the components.

Touchwindow Garanzia e Supporto

Full Warranty and Support.

Touchwindow offers a standard 24 months warranty with possibility of extension. In order to offer high product reliability, the technologies and components used must fulfull the highest quality standards on the market.

Touchwindow also provides technical support by phone, via remote connection and e-mail.

> Technical support from experts technicians
> Additional options for hardware support and maintenance
> Software support included

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