Real Time Collaboration: Work that is interactive, collaborative and in real time

Real-Time Collaboration is a version of Touchviewer that allows you to share, edit, and comment on any type of interactive content, in real time, on different displays, with simple touches.

Work in an innovative way

Within a digital network that is equipped with Multi-Touch screens, Real-Time Collaboration is the application that provides a true multi-user collaboration, improving and innovating your business processes. For example, it lets you engage the customer directly, increase workgroup productivity and accelerate sales processes.

  • Touchwindow Collaborate
  • Touchwindow Collaborate
  • Touchwindow Collaborate
  • Touchwindow Collaborate
  • Touchwindow Collaborate
  • Touchwindow Collaborate

Share content in real time

You can create dynamic presentations and share content on secondary displays. Once you have created the connection infrastructure, a simple touch is all you need to "send" your files and view them in real-time on other screens.

Collaborate in one environment

With Real-Time Collaboration you have the convenience of a real shared working environment. During a working session or a meeting, you can view, control and take notes on your documents on the touchscreen. Through the active sharing function, content can be "sent" to other touchscreen devices where it will be possible to make further notes and corrections.

Multi-Touch + Multi-User & Collaboration

It works with any type of touch display. It can be configured in the Multi-User and Collaboration versions to share content among several people at the same time.

Use all your content

Set your own graphic layout and choose the content to upload in your presentation. Images, 4K Videos, PDFs, Documents (word, xls, ppt), Maps, Web Browsers and Online documents. All your files will automatically become interactive.

Create your network

You can create your own network and distribute interactive content to workstations installed in different locations. Your clients can receive scheduled or manual updates.

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