Italy is a country like no other

The exhibition titled “Borghi – Viaggio Italiano” is the main event of the inter-regional tourism project co-financed by Mibact, and consists of about 1000 villages throughout Italy, from Piedmont to Sicily, Veneto, and the Islands, with the Emilia Romagna region leading the way. The project is part of the “2017 Year of the Villages” officially announced by Minister Franceschini, which, through a series of initiatives, aims to promote the slow tourism prospects of numerous villages throughout 18 regions of Italy, highlighting their local historical attractions and cultural traditions.

Hidden treasures, historical and cultural heritage, local traditions, the other side of the great capitals cities of art, the 1000 Historical Villages of Italy, extraordinary local products, and the possibility and convenience of sustainable tourism that’s respectful of the environment and different identities.

A fascinating physical and virtual exhibition itinerary immersed within the extraordinary setting of the Baths of Diocletian, featuring shows and entertainment, with the regions taking turns exalting their Villages and locales, including those with ties to famous Italian historical and cultural figures. A journey designed to introduce tourists from all over the world to these hidden treasures scattered throughout the country, which not only feature some of Italy’s best scenery, but also many historical attractions, cultural traditions, unique products, and the typical Italian lifestyle. The pathway is centered around an interactive map (designed by Kaiti Expansion) of the 1000 Italian Villages to be discovered as new travel destinations, for those in search of beauty, authenticity and quality of life.

In the words of Dario Franceschini, Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism: “There are over 1000 Villages involved in the Mibact initiative. The villages that dot our regions are rich in history, culture and traditions, and are the mainstay for the growth of sustainable tourism in our country. The year of the villages includes many important initiatives aimed at promoting these places, which contribute a great deal to the quality of life in our country. This will greatly increase the number of places in Italy capable of drawing high quality international tourism, for people looking to come to our country in order to enjoy its beauty and seek out its extraordinary art, food, fashion, and shopping destinations“.

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