The hexagonal tower, a journey through time

The design project for the Hexagonal Tower in Cervia was part of the European Operational Program for “Protecting biodiversity and ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources”. The history of Cervia is recounted through an immersive system of seamless projections, in order to celebrate and promote the territory. The tower is a captivating and engaging starting point for an itinerary dedicated to discovering the environment of the Salt Marshes and the culture of Cervia.

An immersive system consisting of a seamless projection screen covering the 3 walls of the room, exploiting the natural geometry of the environment, has been set up inside the Hexagonal Tower of the Cervia Salt Marsh. The projection visually envelops the viewers with an area of about 22 m² and a viewing angle of almost 360°. The visitors get a sense of being fully immersed within the virtual environments, which are called up by interactively browsing through an ancient digital book.

The multimedia contents, which can be accessed through the interactive multi-touch system at the center of the tower, recount the history and traditions of Cervia. Despite being digital, the pages’ appearance give the book an old-fashioned appeal. The videos, 3D reconstructions and virtual animations accompany visitors on a virtual journey dedicated to the discovery of the town’s history and natural resources.

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