Jews in Ferrara, Jews of Ferrara, the exhibit

A new exhibit featuring multimedia technologies, interactive systems, and virtual libraries, as tools for gaining a better understanding of the centuries-old Jewish presence in Ferrara, has been inaugurated at the MEIS Museum in Ferrara.

In collaboration with the State Archives of Ferrara, the MEIS Museum pays tribute to its home city with a non-Jewish series of documents that reveal the framework according to which the governmental, secular and religious institutions governed their relationships with the lenders and the Community.

The exhibition reveals the Jews’ relations with the Estense lordship and Emperor Frederick III, the Bishop of Ferrara and the Inquisition, the art of the Strazzaroli and the papal government, up until their emancipation following the unification of Italy. The ancient volumes of the Ferrara State Archive are presented through a Multi-Touch application, which allows users to admire various details and gain insights into specific topics by reading the original texts or translations.

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