Museum of Mazzetti Palace

Palazzo Mazzetti is a baroque palace in the city of Asti, which overlooks the Contrada Maestra (today's street Corso Alfieri). The Pinacoteca Civica of Asti is located here.

The east side opened in 2009 after the first stage of works and finally today the complete recovery of the building and the reorganization of the museum have been completed.

The renovations begun with the consolidation work in 2003 and continued from 2005 to 2011 in the entire building, from cellar floor to the roof, recovering about 6,000 square feet.

In the exhibition rooms on the ground floor can be found the complex work of technicians, business, scholars, craftsmen and restorers. Their efforts are documented using panels, graphs, drawings, photos and video. The operations were performed under the general supervision of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture through the Superintendency for Architectural and Landscape for the Province of Turin, Asti, Cuneo, Biella and Vercelli, the Soprintendenza for the Historical, Artistic and ethno-anthropological of Piemonte and the Soprintendenza for Archaeological Heritage and the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

The restoration project, assigned by the Foundation Cassa di Asti to architect Giovanni Bo, allowed to give back to the city one of the most significant buildings for its history and architectural beauty. Simultaneously, with the support of the scientific project of the art historian Andrea Rocco, the museum with  tailored to the needs of safety and conservation, with facilities and spaces that enable the activities of a living cultural center and purposeful.

Walking inside the building, from basement to the top floor, you can capture significant elements of historical events and construction. The museum exhibition includes the creation and developing of collections from the late nineteenth Century until today. Collections, studied and restored, are finally on display after many years, as, for example, the collection of tissues Gerbo.

Book shop, classroom, conference room, library and photo library, archives, storage, space for temporary exhibitions, a café, touch screen, multimedia projections, multi-touch interactive tables and electronic systems are the tools designed to make up to date an ancient historical building, with its complex ramifications and inner suggestions.

Multimedia projections are followed by the original music of Daniel Ferretti, composer and musician from Asti. The video is composed by the team Due tra le Quinte, in collaboration with other experts and with the participation of actor Andrea Bosca, who leads the visitor to discover the Palace and its collections.

To complete the work of renovation, the gardens of Largo Alganon (property of the Municipality) have been restored. Those gardens house the sculpture "Hive" by Jessica Carroll, winner of the Prize "Mastroianni", designed by the Regione Piemonte to the City of Asti.

The work of recovery and renovation at Palazzo Mazzetti were funded by the Fondazione Cassa di Asti, with the contribution of the Piemonte Region.

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