Spadò: dance, painting, film, music and technology

A painter, dancer, singer, actor, director, set designer and commentator. Not to mention an informant of the secret service and the Nazis. Friend and acquaintance of legends like Marlene Dietrich, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Pablo Picasso, Paul Valay, Giorgio De Chirico, and Josephine Baker. Known by his stage name, Spadò, Ancona native Alberto Spadolini was truly an amazing character, who, starting from Paris, conquered Europe with his artistry and magnetic charm during the first half of the twentieth century. The exhibition at Vanvitelli’s Lazzaretto in Ancona is dedicated precisely to him.

Organized by the Municipal Civic Museums and the Omero Museum, the event, titled "Spadò, the eclectic artist who enchanted Europe", is the first major exhibition dedicated to Spadolini. Curated by Costanza Costanzi, with the scientific direction of Marco Travaglini, the artist’s grandson, the event allows visitors to take a brief yet intense journey into the last century in order to explore Spadò’s life and art.

Within the context of the exhibition dedicated to Spadò, a interactive multimedia pathway was created, alongside the traditional exhibits, which captures the attention of the visitors with spectacular and engaging installations, and allows them to gain greater insight into the various topics through tactile devices. Localized sound diffusion zones that allow the observer to immerse him/herself in the character of the artist through engaging sound sensations, with large immersive projections, like architectural scenes, that envelop the user with a sequence of ultra-high resolution images and videos, where the story of this extraordinary figure is told. An interactive Multi-Touch table even allows visitors to gain more insights into all the major aspects of Spadolini’s life, including his painting and dance, and the incredible world of his family, friends and lovers.

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