Turn your meeting room Smart

Discover how to transform a small or medium-sized meeting room into a Smart Room: a collaborative and intelligent work space.

Once upon a time there was a meeting room

The Digital Transformation is changing the world of work, on increasingly deeper levels. Agile and scrum-based organizational models are spreading, forcing companies to redesign flows, redesign spaces and rethink collaboration methods.

Even the meeting room is experiencing the winds of change. In addition to becoming more and more technological, collaborative and interconnected, today there tends to be a differentiation between a Meeting Room, intended as a broad and institutional meeting space, and a Huddle Room, usually a more informal restricted space for internal meetings, training, interviews, presentations.

The spread of Huddle Rooms has made it necessary to develop versatile, powerful and intelligent technological solutions for collaborative work. Thanks to the integration of our technologies in work spaces and our partnership with world leaders in the provision of technological equipment, we are able to offer tools and solutions specifically designed to make every meeting smart.


The smart room can be set up to activate upon the entrance of people by configuring use presets. Intelligent videoconferencing cameras provide ideal framing and active speaker tracking, all automatically. The noise suppression reduces meeting interruptions, while smart systems allow you to control the light sources and adapting them to specific environment and needs, ensuring greater efficiency and lower energy consumption. The smart room can be “operated” from digital devices, such as touch panel, which can dramatically shorten meeting preparation times.

The room management system, in addition to provide uses information, allow you to control the peripherals, such as lighting or the window darkening system for example, thus quickly ensuring the best environmental conditions for the meeting.


The Real-Time Collaboration functions available with our software applications are perfectly integrated into the videoconference room system. It’s possible to share multimedia content between the room’s devices, actively collaborate with content in the interactive displays, modify, correct and comment on any type of interactive content, in real time. The videoconference system integrated and connected with the displays, allows you to share the content’s presentation with remote operators and, of course, to connect the collaborators in video call.

The integrated systems are the perfect solution to transform the Meeting Room into an exceptional BYOD wireless presentation environment with endless options to connect content and users between the different room’s devices and mobile devices to expand the possibilities of sharing and to encourage the interaction between participants, to create successful and engaging presentations.

Quick and efficient

Our interactive solutions and the audio/video systems integrated systems fit perfectly into any environment, because they are designed to be compact and with a minimal design. Forget about adapter problems, technical problems, tuning room operations... Our solutions for smart room integrates displays and interactive tables with camera, codec, speakers and microphones in a unique system, which is highly specialized and therefore able to be operational in a very short time.


The solution is scalable, easily adaptable to any budget and work environment. Each project is calibrated on the available space, type of environment, of company and meeting and on the number of people to host in the smart room. For larger spaces of up to 14 people, we can design collaborative interactive solutions, increase the number of cameras and integrated microphones, thus allowing all participants an engaging experience.


The smart meeting room is optimized to run on a cloud platform, but also on premises. It is configured to offer easy access to any videoconference or shared virtual room.

More productive meetings

The expansive possibilities of the integrated smart room system mean you can transform a limited space at the office into an environment where you can hold meetings and collaborations, even with remote personnel, quickly, simply and intuitively, in turn increasing productivity.

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