Automation and interactive collaboration at Galdi Village, a place to fill

A new dimension of corporate welfare

Galdi S.r.l. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of food packaging solutions. 
The company has always focused on people and innovation. 
In fact, the continuous updating of skills and the attraction of the best talents are fundamental to maintaining and further developing Galdi’s competitiveness.  

The idea of building a new facility stems from a concrete need common to many companies: the Galdi team is growing, and needs new space to continue to do so.  From this practical necessity, intended to meet a need of the present, an opportunity was born, oriented towards progress. 

An opportunity to create a space “fit for the future,” a place with a purpose, or rather two purposes: to support the company's competitiveness, and to render the area more attractive.

And it was here that the Customer involved us in an ambitious project: to create hyper-connected rooms and technologically-advanced environments inside the building, which stands adjacent to Galdi’s production site in Postioma di Paese (TV) Italy, and to facilitate dialogue with the branches, customers and suppliers all around the world.

The areas set aside for events, conferences, and webinars, on the other hand, bear witness to the importance of ongoing training, a precondition for continuous improvement.

Thanks to the connectivity and collaboration, the building has become a hub for contact with the world, a crossroads of knowledge and new ideas.

With the Galdi Village, the company has gone beyond the concept of Corporate Welfare, continuing a line of thought it has been pursuing for some time: not only can productivity and well-being coexist, but they contribute to development, competitiveness, and the achievement of objectives.

In addition to the numerous relaxation and gathering areas, the Galdi Village also features a Fitness area, allowing employees to cultivate their mental and physical well-being, with individual and group activities.

The Galdi Bistro is based on a state-of-the-art concept of corporate food service, offering healthy and balanced meals, including freshly prepared dishes.

At the first floor Coffee Break area, employees take relaxing breaks while enjoying the beautiful surrounding panoramic view thanks to the large windows and terrace.


Audio multi-room, multi-purpose rooms, and Auditorium 

Within Galdi Village - a place to fill, three main macro areas for intervention have been identified: the gathering area, consisting of the hall, Coffee Break area, Bistro and Fitness Area; the collaboration area, consisting of three separate rooms, dedicated to meetings, video-conferences and events; and the Auditorium, a large room designed to accommodate up to 400 people in attendance.

For the relaxation area, we have designed a multi-room audio system that can be controlled by automation, which is capable of playing the appropriate soundtrack in each area, in order to make recreational events within the building even more enjoyable, and to create the right atmosphere at corporate events.

The three rooms dedicated to collaboration, on the other hand, have been designed with multi-functionality in mind. In fact, Galdi considers discussion, dialogue, and brainstorming to be an integral part of the production process. For this reason, the spaces dedicated to these activities have been conceived as multi-purpose areas, equipped with advanced technological systems and applications that allow the employees to collaborate and communicate in the best possible manner.

We were asked to help accommodate the large increase in personnel and customers, both in Italy and abroad, from a communication and technological standpoint, in order to facilitate connections among the network of people gravitating around the company.

For the Auditorium, the heart of the Galdi events, we designed an Audio-Video architecture centred around a large Ledwall 2.0 with a 32.9 configuration capable of displaying images, videos, and documents at a resolution of 3840 x 1080 pixels, as well as a room-combining system for bi-directional dialogue with the meeting rooms.

Our intervention also completed the process of digitising the company and implementing smart work management, in which Galdi had already begun to invest years ago, as an avant-garde company.


360° system integration

Our well-established experience as a system integrator is enhanced by our constant dialogue with our technology partners, who, for this particular project, helped us select the solutions on the market that would be most suitable for the building and would meet the customer’s specific functional needs.

The management of the automation and video conferencing processes within Galdi Village - a place to fill was conceived by integrating it with the BMS through Crestron systems and our Triatic Automation and Control software. 
The key factor for the success of this aspect of the design was the possibility of managing and activating the room-combining system among the various areas of the building thanks to the use of video over IP encoders/decoders.

In fact through the control interface on the iPads provided, it is possible to manage the routing of all the audio and video to and from specific areas, making the spaces truly versatile and multi-functional.


Watchwords: Gathering and Collaboration 

Our intervention began with the hall, where a 4x2 Video Wall was installed consisting of 55” modules, with digital signage function, displaying information and content for the reception. 

There’s also a sound system connected to the centralised multi-room audio system, which runs through the Coffee Break, Bistro and Fitness Areas.

This system, which can be controlled via Crestron automation, allows the user to select the audio track, playlist, and playback volume in each area. It will therefore be possible to enhance each space with the right sound via a simple control panel, or to adjust the functions manually in each area, whether for everyday purposes or for meetings and corporate events.

The multi-room sound system also extends to one of the three meeting rooms, called Room 1.

This is undoubtedly the most versatile room in the building, which can also be used for meetings and events, and is equipped with an 86” multi-touch monitor mounted on a trolley for easy repositioning, complete with Touchviewer software for interactive and multi-user presentation and content consultation.

To complete the room’s system, environmental microphones and radio microphones were installed, as well as a main and a reverse angle camera.

The other two rooms, Room 2 and Room 3, are used specifically for collaboration and video-conferencing purposes, and are equipped with an entirely Cloud-based system that allows for connection to all the most widely-used systems, such as H323, SIP and Voip, as well as the use of applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

A dual 4K monitor was installed in both rooms to simultaneously display the participants’ tiles and their shared content. The staff physically present in the room can connect their devices and share content via a wireless system.

All the rooms can also be managed via a room-booking system, which allows them to be booked directly from personal devices, or via the touch panels located at their entrances.



The Auditorium within Galdi Village is a place intended for large numbers of attendees, which is mainly used to host events and exhibitions, but can also be converted into a large co-working space, if necessary.

The technological equipment available at the Auditorium reflects this need for flexibility and participation.

The main Display System is a Ledwall 2.0 in 32:9 configuration, with 3840 x 1080 pixel resolution.

At the core of the video infrastructure is a Barco S3, which receives the incoming signals from the various sources (contained PCs, PTZ cameras, Laptops, Byod device) and conveys the outgoing signals through NDI encoders, thus making the routing of signals extremely flexible, and reducing the costs for additional video matrixes and point-to-point video extenders.

Complementing the visual systems, a strategically placed foldback display allows the speakers to have a complete view of the content.

In pursuit of maximum flexibility, the audio system is managed by a DSP matrix and controller, which integrates the Dante protocol and has an open architecture with no signal control constraints.

The audio is played via a line array system consisting of 4 satellites and 2 subwoofers, which guarantees maximum quality and uniform coverage throughout the auditorium.

The system is completed by hand-held and architectural microphone equipment, available for both speakers and audience members.


In order to manage this large environment, the customer needed a system that would be: 

  • easy and intuitive for all those involved and for events without technical support Services; 
  • customisable and configurable, even at a low level, with usage scenarios tailor-made for the Customer; 
  • interoperable with all the installed devices.

In order to ensure that these 3 requirements would be met, we opted for Triatic, our software platform for the control and automation of complex environments.

Our UI/UX design department customised the graphical interfaces based on the Customer’s look&feel.

Working together with the Customer, the development department determined the environment’s use cases and usage scenarios, and programmed the platform accordingly.

Now, by interacting with a dedicated iPad, the Galdi Village operators can have full control over the AV devices within the Auditorium, and select their preferred usage modes in a simple and intuitive manner: internal meeting, conference call, live streaming on social media and private channels, or room combining mode with the other rooms in the building.


For more complex events requiring a Technical support service, we have provided a mobile Audio Video Control Room, which can be used as required.

Its layout and composition have been specifically designed to allow it to be easily “opened” and “closed” as needed.

It houses all the equipment necessary for a professional control room: a display for the Barco multiview and for the PC from which the content to be displayed can be loaded; a PC for controlling the AV devices. 
From this station, one or more operators can manage even the most complex events, with or without automation.


An evolving company 

Galdi Village - a place to fill is an innovative building in every respect.

The building was entirely conceived according to latest sustainable construction criteria, and is one of the first buildings in Italy to have obtained LEED® Gold environmental certification, making it a symbol of territorial enhancement, as well as a prime example of investment in corporate welfare.

Antonella Candiotto, President & CEO of Galdi, conveyed the essence of the project with the following words: “We see the Village Area as an investment that bolsters a sense of belonging to the Galdi team. We place a great deal of emphasis on people, and the quality of the relationships they are able to build.

In fact, our company is one that’s open to sharing and dialogue. This new space will also aim to become a hub dedicated to new ideas and new projects shared with our customers and suppliers, and the entire network of partners with whom we collaborate.”

In keeping with the aims outlines above, the Audio, Video & Multimedia System Integration Project is also future-oriented.

All the technological solutions adopted represent the state-of-the-art in the field.

The entire AV infrastructure can be scaled to adapt to the customer’s specific usage scenarios, and, thanks to the control and management systems integrated into the devices, guarantees extremely limited management costs for the technological ecosystem.

Overall, it’s a high value added project that placed people at the centre of the experience.

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