A touch of Arezzo

Client Brief

More technology to reach new tourists

Founded in 2018, Arezzo InTour is a public/private foundation that was created to manage and promote Arezzo as a tourism destination, to inform visitors about the area's riches such as its arts, culture, food and wine and beautiful scenery. With 57 members, 4 of whom are participating members, 44 supporters and 9 municipalities, the Foundation has 360° operations, supporting and facilitating every initiative aimed at promoting the area and encouraging tourism.

Thereby Arezzo InTour wanted to add value to its tourism offices, renovating the spaces and adding new functional areas, including an information area that can be independently consulted by visitors. Touchwindow was asked to come up with a solution for this new information point.


Quick, simple, fun

The design idea came from the refurbished spaces, which are two distinct areas. One space is the reception area with a reception desk and worktop, and the other is a shop and exhibition area.

To assist incoming visitors, we designed two attractive and engaging multimedia stations, with Multi-Touch technology and rich content. Therefore we established, together with Arezzo InTour, what kind of experience we would create in order to make the Kiosk the ideal starting point that would let visitors discover the area and its many attractions.


Digital Destination

The software design, based on the proprietary Touchviewer framework, included designing a navigation experience that started with a geographical map, so as to replicate the way an ordinary smartphone is used and thus to facilitate the user experience.

When choosing the components of the device we selected Multi-Touch displays, which guarantee a high surface sensitivity, for a faster and more precise touch response.

Production and Activation

Interactive Digital Signage

The two stations were installed in the reception area so as to blend harmoniously into the architectural space. After thorough usage tests, we were able to deliver a safe and rewarding user experience.

Starting with an attractive and easy to use graphic interface, which reproduces the geography, you can immediately identify the sections you are interested in and get an in-depth analysis. This lets you easily find all the information and useful ideas that make it easier to plan your stay in the Arezzo area.

The launch of the new tourism office, which took place in autumn 2019, was a great success. It provides the public with a pleasant space and communication tools that are in step with the times as well as with the new needs of users, who are increasingly oriented towards digital.


Tourist information that is always up to date

Touchviewer has allowed Arezzo InTour operators to update the system independently, so that users will always have the latest content in Italian and English.

The information point not only features destinations, places of interest, food and wine itineraries, museums and monuments, but it also has a calendar of events and happenings so that visitors can consult the most updated information about the Arezzo area.

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