Ascoli Piceno. Malatesta Fortress: The Museum of the Early Middle Ages

The new Museum of the Early Middle Ages at Ascoli Piceno’s Malatesta Fortress was recently inaugurated, and houses the collection of Gothic and Lombard funerary offerings found at Castel Trosino and those from the Ascoli Piceno area belonging to the Municipality’s Lapidary. Once the rooms of the Malatesta Fortress had been renovated, the Municipality, in collaboration with Mibact, created an innovative set-up that alternates between displays of precious artifacts and interactive multimedia systems designed to provide further insights. The interactive lecterns and stations positioned along the pathway allow visitor to find out more about the items, to view their details and meticulous workmanship, and to learn about the science and technical aspects underlying their discovery.

Buckles, rings, weaponry, and necklaces with pearls and glass pendants have been among the precious artifacts found during the archaeological campaigns conducted in the Ascoli Piceno area since the 19th century, and are divided into five display rooms in order to create an interesting itinerary illustrating the territory’s various past cultures, from the early Gothic settlements in the Picena area, to the arrival of the Lombards.

Next to the display cases, the series of touchscreen systems allow visitors to learn more about the exhibits, and to view and interact with “virtual” versions of the artifacts through reconstructions of the lifestyle, clothing and weaponry used by the Lombard populations in the Ascoli Piceno area. In addition to the interactive touchscreens, the museum also features a digital teaching system and a room with computer stations for study and research.

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