A fantastic castle of fairy-tales, magic and multi-media

It has been turned into a fairytale castle where you can lose yourself  in the new magic of multimedia storytelling of traditional narratives by the Grimm brothers, Charles Perrault, Gianni Rodari.

Once a noble residence, the ancient Fregoso Fortress of Sant’Agata Feltria has recently been “re-christened” the “Fortress of Fairy-tales”. As the organizers explain, it’s the first Italian museum project dedicated to “the immortal legends that tell the story of mankind, and are the literary heritage of both children and adults alike”. A place conceived by Antonio Faeti, professor of History of Children’s Literature at the University of Bologna, where fairy-tales can be studied, protected, safeguarded, and interpreted, even thanks to the technological features provided by Touchwindow, the company from Cervia that developed the digital scenography, the virtual library, and the multimedia stations.

The project took shape thanks to the Municipality and the Pro Loco Association of Sant’Agata Feltria, in collaboration with the province of Rimini and the region of Emilia Romagna. Inside this picturesque 12th century building overlooking the town below, the museum itinerary consists of various “rooms” and areas dedicated to different narrative themes, populated by books, videos, excerpts, writings, themed animations, and even multimedia content, which are intended to be informative, but are also designed to arouse the children’s sense of wonder. The first room, which was inaugurated on Saturday September 20, is called Shoes, boots, slippers and sandals, and is dedicated to the theme of the damsel to be saved (or who saves herself) in order to “live happily ever after”. This narrative pathways begins with a dance shoe donated by Salvatore Ferragamo, and features a re-creation of Cinderella’s classic dance through a dazzling projection created by Touchwindow, which draws upon the fairy-tale settings of places like the palace of Versailles. Other narrative themes will also soon be added, including the Solitary ruler, the Lonely traveler, and the Children of the forest.

The virtual library features a wide range of technological content of considerable emotional impact. In fact, Touchwindow has has installed as series of devices to create a touchless projection, which, through a system of movement detection sensors, the user can interact with in order to virtually flip through the books projected on the wall. The touchscreen table, on the other hand, offers the possibility of browsing through fairy-tale images and descriptions, allowing the user to choose their fairy-tale journey based on their own personal preferences. The museum is completed with a gallery of original illustrator drawings, while the Storyteller's Nest will offer visitors the chance to enjoy the magical experience of listening to the fairy tales directly. The bookshop on the ground floor features a café, as well as a series of fairy-tale related texts and related items.

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