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Client Brief

Creating new training experiences

Metodo71 is a leading service company in the Romagna area that offers training and consulting in the fields of occupational safety, food hygiene, quality and the environment. Along with an in-depth knowledge of regulations, standards and procedures, Metodo71 offers a high level of customization of its service in order to create the ideal balance between professionalism, efficiency and enhancement of human relations.

When looking at the company's spaces, Metodo71 saw the need to transform the meeting rooms of the Cesenatico and Cervia offices into true smart rooms, technologically advanced rooms that could adapt to different requirements: conferences, courses, company staff meetings, seminars, etc. The company called on Touchwindow to take on the project.


One space, many functions

Together with Metodo71 we analyzed the different types of activities that would take place in the meeting rooms, in order to design the most flexible, scalable and high-performing solution.

We then coordinated with the architectural firm who was responsible for the renovation so that we could integrate the necessary technologies and devices in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.

The idea was to create versatile spaces, easily adaptable according to the number of people who would be using them as well as the different operational needs.


Multifunctional architecture

The project took into account how the spaces were used each day, their layout and the different configurations that were required. The main element is the Touch Display, with a variety of usage possibilities that are available.

With our proprietary Touchviewer software, Metodo71 can have active collaboration on content of any kind within the interactive displays. The work session attendees have the possibility to correct, modify and make comments in real time.


Collaborating has never been easier

We created collaboration, training and presentation spaces where every function is easily accessible and can be operated in a simple and intuitive way.

We designed and installed infrastructures and devices in such a way as to give the client maximum functionality for both small team meetings as well as group training sessions.

Interactive systems stimulate involvement and participation through specific dedicated functions. For example, you can upload presentations and content on the display where participants can make notes, or they can take notes and share them during the meeting.

The integration of BYOD wireless solutions also makes it possible to connect the attendees' mobile devices to the systems in the space, increasing active participation during work or training sessions.


Better training, better results

The new smart rooms were inaugurated in July 2019, an important milestone in the development of innovative services for Metodo71 customers and employees.

We are proud to have equipped the company with all the technology it needed to enhance training, in every field, making Metodo71 even more successful.

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