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A whole gallery just in one touch

Parma’s Pilotta, impressive symbol of the power of Farnese family and artistic-cultural center of the city, is now a huge monumental complex which includes Teatro Farnese, Galleria Nazionale di Parma, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Biblioteca Palatina and Museo Bodoniano.

Several and renowned architects contributed in different ages to the construction of buildings and museums, all linked by their historical value, keepers of precious treasures and artworks that span the centuries. Monumental Complex project involved the implementation of a multimedia interactive solution aimed at consulting the whole artistic heritage of the museums.

The idea, developed by director Simone Verde, was to create a real interactive archive at visitors’ disposal. A powerful device for digital consultation that enables the users to view all different collections, search for the artists, see details and particulars of the numerous artworks and discover all their secrets.


Living art from a new perspective

Project proposal has been developed in collaboration with Museum’s scientific committee and it led to the definition of the structure of an articulate artworks’ database that also supports the interactive software for the visualization of contents.

The device chosen for making access to artistic contents is a big interactive 98-inch table that consents the simultaneous interaction of several people.

On the display visitors can see the 3D plan of the building, including all the exhibition spaces.

Guests can virtually have a walk inside the different rooms, search and watch the artworks of their interest and discover even the tiniest detail, which is not always possible when you watch an artwork without the possibility of getting very close to it.

Our software enables the users to completely immerse themselves in paintings, sculptures and majestic decorations and to learn more about them, bringing home the memory of a totally different museum experience.


An ever-expanding map

Through its 3D navigation interface, the software we developed shows the whole map of the Complex, where there are also all the different points of interest.

The deepening buttons works like a special filter for selecting and visualizing different categories: Art Genre, Museum, Room and Collection.

Furthermore, software’s research system permits to directly find the artworks through predetermined filters such as author, title and work.

The whole functioning of software system is connected to artworks’ database which can be updated and implemented hand in hand with the mapping of the whole artistic heritage of the Complex.

Visitors can select a room directly from the 3D map on the touchscreen, and have access to a list with all the artworks situated inside it.

Through the selection of an artwork from the list, the visitor has access to its data sheet where he will find all details and information related to it.


Explore, deepen, learn, together

Software’s system has been developed in order to exploit all the potentials of the big interactive surface of 98-inch multi-touch table. In fact the software is multi-user, so several visitors can use it simultaneously, selecting and viewing interactive contents, opening images and consulting all the data sheets in complete autonomy.

The interactive contents are oriented according to the different sides of the table, so that its big surface can be totally used. Artworks’ images located in the data sheets can be opened and expanded in order to admire every single detail and particular.

Activation & Mantainance

Know how synergy

The development of software has been pursued in close cooperation with Monumental Complex Direction, in order to create a system capable of giving to every artwork the right location, as well as correct and complete description.

Scientific contents and high-resolution images are showed in an interesting, instructing and extremely spectacular way. Visitors can literally jump inside the artwork and live a high-impact experience.

The whole functioning of software system is connected to artworks’ database which can be updated and implemented hand in hand with the mapping of the whole artistic heritage of the Complex.

Every time it is necessary to make changes to contents or upload new ones, our programmers carry out the updating, so that new content can quickly be available to the visitors.

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