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Client Brief

Innovation and renewal

CEFLA was established in Imola in 1932 as a Cooperative of Electricians, Plumbers, Tinsmiths and Similar Tradesmen, and over the years evolved into an international multi-business company with 2,000 employees, 26 locations worldwide, and a 2017 turnover of almost € 530 million.

CEFLA’s Business Units include Plant Engineering, which handles civil, industrial, and power plants; Shopfitting, which deals with furnishings and personalized solutions for retail outlets; Finishing, which produces machinery and plants for painting and finishing purposes; Medical Equipment, which deals with dental and medical furniture; and C-LED, which specializes in the development of Led technologies.

CEFLA has always maintained close ties with its local territory, where the company’s headquarters are still located. In 2017, in order to celebrate the company’s 85th birthday, Cefla decided to equip its headquarters with new collaborative work spaces and a luxurious auditorium. They asked the Touchwindow team to help develop the digital environments.


New work Tools

The design concept, which was developed together with CEFLA Engineering, entailed the creation of more efficient meeting and collaborative work areas better suited to the company’s international dimension.

For the entrance to the large 450 seat Auditorium, on the other hand, we conceived of a large interactive mirror surface capable of profoundly stimulating the engagement of the public.


Functionality and engagement

During the design phase, we met with engineers, architects and installers in order to determine the infrastructural and system-related work that needed to be done.

We designed a system for reserving the meeting areas with outer door panels and floor wallboards, thus creating an integrated work space management solution that allows the headquarters' collaboration areas to be booked, monitored and managed.

For the Auditorium, we designed the largest Multi-Touch Capacitive Mirror Display ever made: a large reflective mirror surface upon which multimedia content can be displayed with exceptional quality.


Combining efficiency and communicative impact

The project saw us engaged in the creation and installation of a large Touch Wall with a mirror-like surface (3.2 x 1.7 meters), which was connected to the software infrastructure in order to allow for centralized content management.

For the meeting rooms in the new building and the Auditorium, which can be divided into three independent halls, one with 370 seats and two with 40 seats, we created and implemented management and reservation, remote videoconferencing, live audio/video streaming, and speech recording functions.


Celebrating innovation

As part of the final development stage, our dedicated devices and systems underwent harsh testing prior to being released in time for CEFLA’s 85th birthday celebration.

We’re particularly proud of the contribution we made to this company, which has always been dedicated to innovation, research and continuous improvement, as confirmed by the words of CEFLA’s Director of Innovation, Alessandro Pasini: “For CEFLA, product and process innovation are a driver for growth.”

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