History, traditions and technology to tell the story of a great nation

For the Qatar National Day 2015 celebrations, the company Touchwindow, in partnership with CELS, was chosen by the Qatar Tourism Authority as the technology supplier for the festivities that would take place in the Darb Al Saai area.

This large area in the Al Sadd in Doha district will host numerous activities, shows and cultural events through December 20. 

On the days dedicated to the National Day festivities, various pavilions will offer children the opportunity to ride camels, to see magnificent Arabian horses, and to learn about Qatar’s national animal, the oryx. As well as to play and have fun with the various technological installations provided.

The interactive multi-user touch wall systems will allow numerous children to simultaneously engage in exciting challenges involving the national symbols of Qatar. 

Using these multimedia installations, visitors will also have the possibility of recording video messages and sharing their videos on social media. It’s an innovative and exciting way to recount and share the history and vision of a extraordinary Nation.

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