Digital engagement to experience the thrill of the journey

Client Brief

A new way to discover the local territory

Destinazione Turistica Emilia is the promotional/marketing agency for Italy’s provinces of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia, and was created for the purpose of promoting the extraordinary features of their three capital cities and over 100 municipalities, which are home to more than one million inhabitants. The agency adopts strategies and takes innovative measures to promote food and wine, places of natural beauty, and cultural itineraries throughout the Emilia Romagna Region.

In this regard, Destinazione Turistica Emilia expressed the need to engage with travelers passing through Reggio Emilia’s Mediopadana High Speed Train Station with an innovative communication project. The station, which is the High Speed line’s only stop on the Bologna-Milan tract, is an architectural gem designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, and has a traffic flow of about four thousand passengers a day. In view of this tourism potential, an innovative communication project was developed in collaboration with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italiane Group), which granted its permission to use the spaces available inside the station.


A digital panorama

Having already been successfully tested within the area dedicated to Italy’s Emilia Romagna region at EXPO 2015, the solution involves the use of a large interactive Multi-Touch display depicting the territory, which visitors can simply touch in order to access tourist information on the various destinations.

The large panoramic illustration of the Reggio Emilia tourism district and the graphic design of the multimedia contents were handled by Kaiti Expansion, an agency that’s been operating in the marketing and communications sector for over twenty years. Our team at Touchwindow was asked to develop the technological communication project by designing the user experience.

The touch display effectively becomes a visual portal for accessing the content illustrating the territory’s vast offering of tourist attractions: from culinary delights to natural wonders, cultural venues, and historical landmarks, highlighting all the attractions and extraordinary features of the towns and villages dotting the territory.

Incorporated within a high-traffic train station, the installation is an ideal aid for the discovering the local tourist stations, thanks to the engagement of the digital experience. It even provides excellent entertainment while awaiting the trains, showcasing breathtaking tourist destinations and themed itineraries.


Every trip starts with a project

We collaborated with Kaiti on the development of the multimedia software, while for the installation in a high-traffic area we meticulously researched and selected the best materials in order to guarantee the solution’s proper functionality and complete security within the public environment.

The Touch Wall was designed to be Multi-Touch, thereby allowing it to be used simultaneously by multiple users, even in different languages and by people with disabilities. The user experience was painstakingly designed to ensure that the experience would be similar to that of a trip, stimulating the user’s curiosity and emotional engagement.

Production and Activation

A personalized experience

The Touch Wall was produced in a 4x1 version, approximately 2.5 x 1 m in size, in order to easily manage the metadata, which can be consulted via an intuitive, single-level user interface. The breathtaking overview of the Emilia Romagna tourism area also effectively serves as an index for accessing hundreds of points of interest and their relative detail screens, which provide information about monuments, cities, museums, and elements of cultural, artistic, and naturalistic relevance. A light and fun communication style was chosen in order to render the experience a playful and fantastical journey.

The installation’s was inaugurated on 23 January 2019 in the presence of the Emilia Romagna regional councilor for tourism, Andrea Corsini, among other authorities. It was an opportunity to highlight the value of our achievement, which was aimed at consolidating the tourism growth trend throughout the Emilia Romagna region.


A dynamic solution

We are able to update and enrich the Touch Wall’s contents over time, thereby keeping the tourism information constantly relevant and appealing. The remote control and monitoring system also allows us to verify the system’s proper functionality and perform software updates and implementations.

This Touch Wall and that already present at the Bologna Centrale railway station constitute the junction points of a network of innovative services, which we hope will become increasingly extensive and widespread in the future.

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