Automation and interactive collaboration at Galdi Village, a place to fill

Galdi S.r.l. has involved us in “Galdi Village, a place to fill” project, a multipurpose center aimed at improving corporate welfare and technological development, that has been conceived for giving to company’s employees a space for well-being and brainstorming. The aggregation and relax space,composed by hall, Coffee Break area, Bistrot and gymhas been equipped with a multi-room audio system that can play different  tracks/playlists  in  each area. In  the collaboration  space,  composed  by  4  rooms dedicated  to meeting, videocalls, events   and   auditorium, we have installed an 86” TouchDisplayworking with Touchviewer software, as well  as directional/wireless microphones  and cameras.

We have also created a system that totally works on the Cloud and allows the attendees to use the video-call app they prefer. The rooms can be reserved through a room-booking system and they also have a wireless system that allows the attendees to quickly connect their devices and share contents.

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