The Conero Park Visitor Center

A new series of exhibits has been created at the Conero Park visitor center. Following the renovation and system upgrading efforts that radically changed the layout and appearance of the interior areas accessible to the public, an exciting new series of educational tools has also been unveiled, which winds through various thematic areas dedicated to geology, plants, animals, the cliff and the sea, archeology, culture, and more.

Given the highly diverse nature of the exhibits, the project was aimed at engaging with visitors through a consistent and unifying narrative, which nevertheless exalts the extraordinary nature of the Park’s different natural resources. In keeping with the Visitor Center’s “eco-friendly” philosophy and the Park Authority’s mission to promote environmental protection and eco-sustainability, the installation was made entirely from recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard material.

The exhibit’s latest additions include the reconstruction of a Piceni tomb, and the mandatory use of multimedia technologies: 2 multi-touch stations at the entrance help guide visitors on their discovery of the park and promote the various tourist attractions throughout the area, while the exhibit itself contains 5 audio-video stations, which provide insight into the various topics. Dioramas, interactive games, and actual artifacts complete the exhibit, and pique the curiosity of even the youngest visitors.

Installation: Marchingegno S.r.l.
Design: Arch. Alessandra Panzini
Production: Kubedesign
Content: Forestali

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