EXPO 2015: for the promotion of the Emilia-Romagna region

The Touchwindow installation created for the Emilia-Romagna Region at Expo 2015, in the outdoor “Piazzetta” area to the north west, consists of an enormous central Touch Wall that visitors can use to explore the complexity and richness of the region’s culinary and cultural traditions, economic system, and tourism offering, all in an original and interactive manner. The region decided to promote the vast and highly-diverse territory of Emilia-Romagna through this large interactive wall structure manufactured by Touchwindow. Know-how and teamwork, constant innovation to open up new doors, and the ability to engage thanks to unique communication channels. These are the values that the Region strives to uphold in its continuous efforts to improve the quality and bring greater value to its products, and are the same values associated with the territory and the local communities.

The Emilia-Romagna region is depicted on the Touch Wall by an illustrated and animated map, complete with contents produced by the Reggio Emilia company Kaiti Expansion.
The map features over 300 points of interest, including cities, production areas, typical products, tourist attractions, extraordinary local products, and more. Through the interactive multi-user software, users can tap on the various POIs to open detail screens containing texts, multimedia content, videos and documents.
The interactive map shows an overview of the entire Region. The user can interact with the map itself by progressively zooming in, from a broad view to a detailed view, in order to discover details and fun facts about each POI.

For Touchwindow, this installation posed a great challenge from a design standpoint. Being the first in Italy to be produced and installed in a semi-outdoor environment, this Multi-Touch and Multi-User Touch Wall system is one of a kind.
The ultra-bright displays utilized are protected by special shatterproof glass, which, due to the extreme brightness conditions of the environment, is treated with special nanoparticles in order to guarantee a perfectly anti-glare surface. The sun proof Multi Touch system utilized is capable of operating at up to 130k Lux.
The structure is equipped with an extremely silent tangential ventilation system in order to ensure proper heat dissipation without disturbing the users. In order to guarantee energy efficiency and savings, the displays are equipped with a self-dimming system to compensate for the ambient brightness, while at the same time guaranteeing the lowest possible Co2 impact at maximum brightness.

The interactive application developed features content and animations at a native resolution of 7680x3240 pixels, and is capable of supporting infinite interactions, thus allowing multiple people to simultaneously view multimedia content in an entirely independent manner.

The software boasts numerous ad hoc features, including the possibility for users to create and share personal wishlists containing information, documents, images and personally-selected points of interest. The software system generates a QR Code that allows visitors to browse additional content and information on their mobile devices.

The application features a powerful keyword search engine that allows users to search for content and Points of Interest by thematic area or product type.

The interactive-multimedia installation created for the Emilia-Romagna region is the most contemporary and engaging tool available for conveying the beauty and complexity of the territory to visitors, inviting them to familiarize themselves with the region and continue discovering new and exciting details.

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