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Is your Company ready to interact with the new consumers of the 2020 Generation? Game Suite is the solution. A package of interactive games specifically developed for Multi-Touch displays that can meet the demands for new digital entertainment. A gaming platform to create Relax and Recreation Areas in public places, restaurants, shopping centers and airports... Game Suite is an innovative tool to establish long-term relationships with your consumers and involve your young technological audience within a unique and overwhelming Customer Experience.

Game Suite is a software package featuring interactive games specifically created and developed for Multi-Touch displays. It includes traditional, innovative and social games to choose from to create your Digital Entertainment Area. Create your own personal console and choose the perfect combination of favorite games for your customers. Game Suite is the best software to create exciting interactive experiences for your consumers.

The Game Suite works on any type of touch screen display connected to a PC. All games are developed for Multi-Touch displays in Ultra HD resolution in single and multi-player modes. You can use the type of touchscreen preferred to create your own entertainment area and the software will automatically adapt to the best resolution. Choose, Set, Play.

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