The Multi-Touch application for exciting interactive experiences

Touchviewer is the application to create and manage your media content. It's the perfect software to offer true Multi-Touch experiece to your users in shopping malls, museums, stores or exhibitions.

Touchviewer helps your customers find information about your products, helps your visitors discover, know and expand. Touchviewer allows you to manage your contents, independently and without ever writing one line of code. A winning product is always easy to be used and intuitive.

Create amazing Multi-Touch experiences

Touchviewer is created to be used through touch display for a simple and intuitive content navigation. Customers can easily zoom high resolution images with rapid gestures, watch videos, surf the Internet, explore interactive maps with points of interest, write, read and draw. The touch response time is fluid, realistic, fast and natural.

TOUCHWINDOW - Interactive multi-touch software for multimedia touchscreen, Touchviewer

For any Screen size also in Multi-Touch mode

Touchviewer is the only software that allows you to customize, automatically, your screen size, for any display and for any resolution, from 4K to the endless Touch Wall compositions. Touchviewer is also configurable in Multi-User version. You can split the working area or activate multiple navigation menus on the stage to manage and share contents between multiple users at once.

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