The best software to create innovative Multi-Touch applications

Touchviewer is the Multi-Touch software designed to create interactive experiences to involve and excite your users. It is the best tool for Digital Transformation: to create your personal Customer Experience through unique and innovative Multi-Touch applications. Touchviewer works on any touch display with Windows PC: touchscreen, interactive video walls, multimedia kiosks and totems. You can use your own content without worrying about writing the code.

For every touch device also in Multi-User version

Touchviewer software has no limits and takes your ideas and your creativity to the top. You can adapt the work stage automatically: from 4K monitors to all kinds of Touch Wall display configurations. You can also configure Touchviewer in the Multi-User version: multiple navigation menus allowing more people to interact with the contents simultaneously.

Touchviewer multi-user

Multi-Touch + Multi-User & Collaboration

It works with any type of touch display. It can be configured in the Multi-User and Collaboration versions to share content among several people at the same time.

Touchviewer multi-user

Not a single line of code

Create your own interactive experience using your own graphics and content. You don't have to write even a single line of code because Touchviewer automatically processes and converts your files.

Touchviewer multi-user

Use all your content

Set your own graphic layout and choose the content to upload in your presentation. Images, 4K Videos, PDFs, Documents (word, xls, ppt), Maps, Web Browsers and Online documents. All your files will automatically become interactive.

Touchviewer multi-user

Create your networkk

You can create your own network and distribute interactive content to workstations installed in different locations. Your clients can receive scheduled or manual updates.

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