TOUCHWINDOW - Interactive Indoor touchscreen Totem kiosk

Interactive Indoor TotemCompact and stylish design. Bright display and high performance. Customizable colors and different size allow to create an interactive solution that fits every need.

Built to meet your needs

The compact and stylish design is perfect for museums, banks, restaurants and bars, shopping areas, hotels and in any public or private reception area. Colors and sizes are customizable you to create a technological piece of furniture that perfectly fits in any environment.

TOUCHWINDOW - Interactive Indoor touchscreen Totem kiosk

Functionality and performance

The Interactive Indoor Totem integrates a powerful Multi-Touch technology to let users interact with multimedia content. Through natural and intuitive gesture people can research topics of interest by browsing books and catalogs, search for content, browse the Internet, watch videos, and explore virtual maps.

TOUCHWINDOW - Interactive Indoor touchscreen Totem kiosk
TOUCHWINDOW - Interactive Indoor touchscreen Totem kiosk

Much more than simple Digital Signage

Digital information and contents are conveyed through advanced software systems for screens and touch-screen devices that allow users to access the communication in different times and places and in complete autonomy.

With the Multi-Touch Indoor Totem, the simple communication offered by Digital Signage are maximized. The Company can communicate with potential customers and the customers themselves seek detailed information by establishing a direct connection with the Company. The interactivity allows you to create true interactive Info points where content, information, pictures and videos are at complete disposal of the users.

The Interactive Totem is the ideal solution for:

Wayfinding: interactive info point where people can search for routes and driving directions. Great for tourist communication, to provide information in hotels, shopping centers, trade shows, events or any public place.

Advertising: interactive solutions for retail stores shopping malls, hotels and restaurants to increase sales and convey messages for services and products offered.

Museums and Exhibitions: to offer detailed information about the exhibition and to guide visitors through paths of knowledge. Interactive contents are customized to provide the right information regarding the exhibition areas and the works presented.

Restaurants and Hotels: to display the menu, dishes pictures, place the order, play games or listen to music.

Airports and Stations: to convey updated information in real time about flights or changes in schedules. Customized images/video schedules can be played in loop to entertain your guests.

Customer Experience: for venues, bars, banks, shops. Entertain your customers, bond and connect with them, improve their experience inside your business.

Speed ​​and accuracy in your hands

Smooth and accurate gestures thanks to the powerful IR LEDs Cell with a scan rate of 200 fps. Touch response time of 5-10 msec and high accuracy of the touch points (2.7 mm). Draw, touch, move what you see on the screen in a natural and intuitive way.

touch features

Latest generation of processors, power and high performance

Touchwindow devices maximize the power of the latest Intel 3rd-generation i5 and i7 processors. Ultra-efficient architecture require less energy while still providing high performance.

Processori di ultima generazione

Get Connected

All Touchwindow systems are equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI and Audio inputs/outputs. RFID, barcode reader or NFC are also available upon request.

Get Connected

Windows 10. The latest OS with no limits

windows 10

Touchwindow Multi-Touch solutions are Windows 10 64-bit and TUIO compatible. This gives you access to thousands of Multi-Touch applications available online.

If required, our Multi-Touch systems are also available with MAC OSX, Linux or Android.

Multi-Touch Software: Simply Revolutionary

Touchviewer logo

If you are looking for a surprisingly simple and highly engaging interactive software application, we can help out! Try it Touchviewer: the ideal interactive software to manage your contents, the perfect application to create a real Multi-Touch experience for all your customers. In shopping malls, museums, stores or exhibitions.
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Touchwindow Garanzia e Supporto

Full Warranty and Support.

Touchwindow offers a standard 24 months warranty with possibility of extension. In order to offer high product reliability, the technologies and components used must fulfull the highest quality standards on the market.

Touchwindow also provides technical support by phone, via remote connection and e-mail.

> Technical support from experts technicians
> Additional options for hardware support and maintenance
> Software support included

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